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classes in Saskatoon

Teaching at your own speed.

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The academic needs of our students are met by quilified tutors. For the moment, We only offer online support using a professional teaching platform with LearnCube. Our students can count with all the latest technologies in online teaching.

For Saskatchewan students in both school divisions, we offer tutorial sessions in French and English.

At the elementary level, we assist in Social Studies, Nat. Science, and French grammar.

At the secondary level, we assist in Social Studies, History 9,10, 11, 12, French grammar, and Spanish 9,10,11,12.

Our sessions are set in blocks of 1 hr each. Students wanting assistance should contact us ahead of time to agree on a topic to review.

Cost: $15 per 1 hr session (max of 5 students per session )

Please bear in mind that our services with LearnCube required access to high-speed internet, a computer running windows 10, a set of headphones, and a microphone.

306 5002704

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan