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classes in Saskatoon

Teaching at your own speed.

Over the pnone & On-site interpretations

Rates and Terms for Telephone and On-site Interpretations as of 01/01/2020 (Replaces all previous Rates and Terms)Languages Rates per hour email us at [email protected] and try us out!!

Spanish to French, French to Spanish, Spanish to English, English to Spanish, English to French,French to English $ 25.00. For over the phone interpretation services, our clients usually place a conference call by contacting our interpreter first and then calling the other party. Alternatively, we may place the call for an additional charge.

Our interpreters are:

● Carefully trained ● Highly experienced

● Knowledgeable ● Courteous ● Professionnal

Their versatility enables them to interpret in the following subject matter, such as:

● Advertising & Marketing ● Education, Arts & Sciences ● Entertainment

● Business & Commerce ● Health Care

● Civil & Criminal Law ● Manufacturing

● Computer Technology ● Media and Mining.

Our services also include interpretations for personal needs such as assisting you during your driving lessons, and language assistance during any type of government appointments or interviews.

Our clients are encouraged to provide us with literature pertinent to the assignment well in advance. This gives our interpreters an opportunity to prepare themselves for the sessions.

As a courtesy, a preparation time of up to ¼ hour is already included in our

telephone interpretation prices – there is no additional charge for this preparation.

Charges: A minimum charge for one hour applies. Any additional time will be charged by the minute for our over the phone calls at 0.40 cents per minute. For our on-site services is $15.00 per every half hour.

There is a 25% surcharge for telephone interpretations handled between 6 PM and 9 AM and on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays. Charges begin accruing either at the scheduled time or at the moment when the interpretation begins, whichever comes first. Charges end at the moment the interpretation is completed.

Scheduling: For optimal scheduling, an advance notice of at least 48 hours is preferred. If an assignment is accepted with less than 48 hours advance notice, a 25% surcharge will result.

Cancellation: If an interpretation is canceled less than 24 hours before its scheduled commencement, or in case of an unsuccessful communication attempt, 50% of the minimum charges are due and payable.

Payment: For your convenience an invoice will be sent to the registered address after services are completed.

306 5002704

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan